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No Longer the Latter-Day Ramiro Mendoza

Yankees reliever Alfredo Aceves now IS Ramiro Mendoza. This is new this season, and tonight’s 2-inning no-hit performance was a fitting tribute to his predecessor in his first appearance as Mendoza himself. (Yankees 6 @ Red Sox 4) He was dubbed “the latter-day Ramiro Mendoza” last year by WCBS radio’s Yankees broadcaster John Sterling largely because of his ability to pitch effectively at any point in the game, especially in extended middle relief, and to execute a wide repertoire of pitches “that move,” as Sterling’s broadcast partner Suzyn Waldman says, and which emerge from a disconcerting variety of arm angles, much as Mendoza did for the Yanks during the late 1990’s before being unceremoniously cut and left for the Red Sox to pick up. (I should say “pick up the pieces. Mendoza so wanted to stay with his team that he said “I want to die a Yankee.”) I remember then-manager Joe Torre asserting that he had “ice in his veins.” Aceves’ moniker entered the airwaves last season after a conversation among Sterling, Waldman, and NY Daily News beat writer Mark Feinsand, during the “Daily News Fifth” inning segment. It soon took on a life of its own, and Waldman seems to find a charming way for Sterling to make the observation afresh each time Aceves comes to the mound, as she did tonight.


Mendoza Zeitgeist, Part 3

OK, now it’s official: Alfredo Aceves is Ramiro Mendoza re-Incarnate.

In today’s “Daily News 5th” segment, columnist Mark Feinsand mentioned that Pettite made the same comparison yesterday. He also said that Posada pointed to similarities between the pitching style of Aceves and a teammate of Mendoza, Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez, who threw off batters with his unpredictability in the face of the count, willing to throw any pitch at any point.

At Least It’s the Right Sox Tonight

Wow. What a Weekend. Well, at least it’s the Right Sox tonight. A breather, even if they do win, which is how it’s looking right now. Roger the Rocket looked pretty fat at Pinstripes on the Park last Thursday. Hate to but I must tell you that the audience — just like at the Stadium the Saturday prior — was definitely not swayed by his charms or promise. His promises, on the other hand, were inspiring. He said we’d take the Series this weekend, and we did. We could use a cheerleader from Texas. One who’s on OUR payroll.

I hear from Floraine Kay that we might take Runyldys Hernandez off the hands of the Red Sox. We might have saved some money and the risk of a double agent (ala Ramiro Mendoza working for us in in their clubhouse in 2003 — and then back with us in the minors last year — where is he now?) had someone LISTENED TO ME and bought him straight from Kansas City. It’s hardly a secret that I have a soft spot for oversized lefties like David Wells (San Diego — HELLO, anybody LISTENING?), CC Sabathia (Cleveland), and, yes, Runyldys, who definitely needed some guidance while he was with the Royals. It will be interesting to see where he is.

So we need a fielder who doesn’t have to hit, eh? Um, anybody look at our bench? MIGUEL CAIRO? And, does anyone remember that he makes things happen? Why hasn’t he been working? He worked in April during some shortages, then NOTHING. Even a DH needs SOME time on the field, and he is a good fielder when he gets a chance to play.

Besides Miggy, there’s Super Joe McEwing, former Met, beloved by fans in Kansas City, and now somewhere else, I will have to check. I loved watching him field. Like David Dellucci as a Yankee, Super Joe was everywhere before you knew where to look. Then, there’s Jeff Keppinger, another former Met, though he may have found a home, as I know Ty Wigginton has as a Devil Ray. Wiggington is a bat more than a fielder, anyway. I’ll always remember the story Floraine told me about how, when he was playing 3rd base for the Mets, knowing he was prone to errors, he wrote E-5 on the inside of his visor.

More on umpires, especially regarding this last weekend, to come.

Spring Training Pitching Updates

BOX SCORE  Yankees 8    Marlins   3

Wright 4.0 3 1 1 0 4 0 9.26
Bergman, D 1.0 2 1 1 0 2 0 9.00
Mendoza 1.0 1 0 0 0 1 0 2.45
Myers 1.0 0 0 0 0 1 0 4.70
Cox 1.0 3 0 0 0 2 0 2.25
Villone 1.0 3 1 1 0 0 0 4.00

Ground outs-fly outs
:Wright 3-5, Bergman 1-0, Mendoza 2-0, Myers 0-2, Cox 0-1, Villone 3-0 Batters faced:Wright 15, Bergman, D 5, Mendoza 4, Myers 3, Cox 6, Villone 6
Inherited runners-scored

Jaret Wright was serviceable — dare I say promising? — over 4 innings.
Ramiro Mendoza relieved me.
Mike Myers was 1-2-3
Cox did well though it felt like more than one inning.

More of TODAY to come:  Sabathia, McCarthy, Cotts, Jenks


Photo_by_nick_lahamgetty_images31606mlbc Tanyon Sturtze (R-RP) is struggling with mechanics.  He has had a sore shoulder since the end of last season, and he started Spring Training exercises slowly and gingerly.  Essentially, he is overcompensating for his weakened shoulder, throwing too hard at the expense of control.  According Mark Feinsand’s article of Thursday, March 16,  "He has been flying open with his front shoulder, which affects his location, and manager Joe Torre has said on more than one occasion that it looks like Sturtze is trying to throw the ball through the back wall."  hat concerns me about this is that he has fallen into that mental trap in the past, overthrowing the plate even when he was, apparently, not hurt. 

Quick Picks

Keep an eye on these guys, if you like:

A’s: Loaiza, Street   Reds: Claussen, Harang, Womack   Diamondbacks:  Clark   Boston: R. Seanez, Mota (+ Foulke no less!) (Wells says he commits) Beckett, Lowell   Padres: Peavy, Estes, Greene   Tigers: Rogers, Maroth, Robertson, Bonderman, Seay, Inge, Leyland   Cleveland: Sabathia   Rockies:  Fogg   Orioles:  Benson (Bottalico, Yates), Duquette, Mazzone   Mets:  Trachsel, Heilman (+obvious Billy Wagner), Keppinger   Angels: Figgins   Cardinals:  David Eckstein   Cubs:  Eyre, Jacque Jones   Brewers:  Capuano   Tampa Bay:  Marlins:  Girardi   Pirates:  Zach Duke, Ty Wigginton   Phillies:  Rowand (great fielder, does not hit under pressure, though)   Dodgers:  Sele   White Sox:  McCarthy   Rangers:  Benoit, Eaton, Dellucci, Durazo   Royals:  Runelvys Hernandez, McEwing   Astros:  Taveras   Yankees:  Chacon, Small, Wang, Proctor (as a starter), Sturtze, Mendoza, Ron Guidry (Hughes, Cox)