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Wells_2006_denis_poroy_apWe let Jeff Nelson retire in pinstripes.  We had just re-hired him, again, and he retired before spring training. Could that have been pre-arranged?!  Surely we can do something for a man who loves the Yankees more than he loves his beer and ego combined.  He even has some good games left in him to boot, and we saw him pitch well into the postseason again last year as a Padre.  WHO could this be???!!!!

It could only be….

BOOMER!!!!                                                            Denis Poroy / AP

San Diego sounds like they want him but can only go so far, and you know we can beat that number.  We need another lefty, don’t we?!  Wouldn’t it be cool?  And, if there’s any chance we are going to fulfull Petitte’s wish for Clemens, can we show Wells some respect by hiring him back first?  After all, we let him go the first time in exchange for Clemens, who took some time to fill Wells’ shoes.  I know, I know about Boomer’s second time around with us, and his book and his back and how he wasn’t throwing off the mound, and how some that season’s disappointment on his untimely departure after a perfect first inning with back pain.  Despite the debacle, there was no way he could accept the minor league contract for a couple hundred thousand that we offered him after that year. 

Mr. Steinbrenner, PLEASE!  Let Mr. Clemens go to the Red Sox, and let Boomer come back to us where he belongs.  He can even pitch short starts, even out of the bullpen sometimes.  Let him pitch as a Yankee one more year, and retire in pinstripes. 

Surely Jeff Nelson would not mind the company, when the time comes.

Yankees Pitchers & Catchers!

Pitchers and catchers report  February 16!

First workout is  Feb. 17.

Position players report   Feb. 21.

First full workout is  Feb. 22.

Other team’ reporting dates:  http://springtrainingonline.com/features/reporting_dates.htm

I release a sigh of recognition.  It’s almost that time, again.  But this time, Mark Gremse isn’t here to celebrate with.  Last year this time, he was hopeful that LaTroy Hawkins would be able to help out the Giants, where he’d landed after a rough time with the Cubs.  I bit my lip, didn’t say a word, just smiled and nodded, with my almost invisible eyebrows sneaking into a mild grimace.