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Post-season Day 2

Scoreboard Wed. October 5, 2005

Post-game Commentary: 

  • Angels 5  (0 Errors)     Yankees 3  (3 Errors)         
    W Escobar (2 IP, 0.0)  S Rodriguez (1 IP, 9.0)     L Wang (6.2 IP, 1.35)

Poor Wang.  He pitched great, with lots of groundouts.  Look at that ERA.  He was the victim of Yankee errors, one of which he committed, as well as his manager, who kept him in one too many innings.  The Angels didn’t outscore the Yankees until the 7th, and they tied it up in the 6th.  I worry that Torre is playing the game plan he lost to Boston with last year — saving pitchers for the next game/series.  I certainly share his reluctance to trust the bullpen, but he knows Wang weakens on the early side of late innings, and there’s no game tomorrow.  Leiter was OK.  Proctor was fine.  Good.

PS:  If someone had to hit a homer off us, let it be Juan Rivera.  I always did like him.  Would I give up Matsui or Sheffield?  No.  Can he play center?  He’s used to platooning….

  • White Sox 5  (0 Errors)     Red Sox 4  (1 Error)
    W Buehrle (7 IP, 5.14)  S Jenks (2 IP, 0.0)     L Wells (6.2 IP, 2.70)   

Am I over Wells?  Was it hard to watch him lose for the Red Sox, especially in the post-season?  Is there any pitcher I’d prefer on the Yankee mound at this time of year?  Do I have to answer?

I admire Buehrle’s consistency in the face of accumulating runs.  Jenks was scary but great.  Uncanny how his build echoes Boomer’s.  Papelbon (1.1 IP, 0.0), the Boston reliever, felt more dominant, but then again I may have been too nervous for the White Sox to judge.  Thank goodness for Aaron Rowand.  The first time we saw him on TV, Floraine Kay and I said in unison "Who is THAT?"  That’s a center fielder you can turn your back on.  His bearing — as well as his build — reminds me of Kevin Brown’s, making me wary that his ego may have trouble allowing him to adapt as his body ages.  Then again, we did NOT give Brown time to work his changes out.  Don’t get me going.