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Heard On Air: Jeff Weaver always gives the impression he doesn’t care whether he’s here or not.”

Wow, that’s not the impression he left in New York, where he visibly beat himself up on the mound for missing his pitches and would only reluctantly leave the mound.

This was said by the deeper-voiced of two radio announcers for the Cincinnati Reds, who are hosting the Dodgers, heard via MLB Gameday Audio.

Memes of Ma & Pa Yankee

It’s time. Those truths broadcast into existence by WCBS Yankee radio announcers John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman deserve to be documented here, and here’s a start:

Heard today [again!]:
“You can’t predict baseball.” -Sterling
“It always starts with a walk.” -Sterling

Heard prior to today [and, to be sure, again soon- You could bet on it, but not on baseball!]
“There was no such thing as an oblique. Players got a pain in their side.” -Waldman

Oh, today’s game? What about it? (15-0 Yankees over Mets at the new Stadium, gaining back a game as Boston dropped one 11-5 to the Phillies, despite pitcher Josh Beckett’s self-help homer.)