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Who’s Eli-ing Now?

More evidence that Red Sox play dirty.  Gagne’s already traded gone.  What about Varitek? 

Clemens, I never wanted him and I didn’t want him back. The audience at
last season’s Pinstripes on the Park was less than enthusiastic when he
made his first post-re-signing appearance. His cheerleading then and
after was seductive, but it rang a little sad.

As Clemens once called David Wells, we may now call him, Eli.  (Remember the **** everyone gave Wells for spilling any beans about steroids in his book, which came out before Canseco’s?)

No surprise about Petitte.  They were inseparable.

the way, the Yanks fired their personal trainer, McNamee, whom Clemens
brought over from Toronto, in 2001. He is their alleged supplier, and I
believe Clemens continued to see him.

That was a public
statement of the Yanks’ approach to anything suspicious. And it’s
suspicious that there are so many Yankees on the list. Then again,
would we expect less of conclusions drawn by the Chairman Director of the Red
Sox Board? However, I must admit, a brief bio hunt turned up nothing
unpraiseworthy, let alone compromising, about Mitchell except his team
position in the Red Sox organization, and the fact that he did not
recuse himself from the commission immediately. He should never have
accepted a role that in itself demonstrates his conflict of interest.

and Sheffield were open (Sheffield used a topical formula as I recall).
But I hope they didn’t inform. If they had to, so be it. Giambi was
summoned more than once, and he is a friend of Wells!

But we
must remember overall that most "evidence" in the Mitchell paper is
from informants, as I understand it. Informants are criminals caught
red handed, and they have every reason to "cooperate." How much more do
we trust their information than the word of the waterboarded?

why were the results of the contractually-anonymous drug tests made
available to the committee? (or, am I confusing this committee with
another?) Although the results were not used as evidence in the report,
it should not have been available as I understand the contract. Is this
another execution of self-righteous union-busting?

Brass Translates Sheffy’s Tantrum: PLEEEEEEASE!

Link: Yankee Brass Translates Tantrum —  Sheff Just Wants To Be Loved, Come Home. 

Come on, Papa Yankee!  PLEEEEEASE let him back!  He’ll do anything.  He’s been a model Yankee —  one of your prodigal favorites.  ‘Til now, he proved all the critics wrong about his effect on the clubhouse.  He had such a good attitude about going to 1st base.  He tried so hard.  Remember how much pain he played through?  How much faster he had to run because he couldn’t lift his arm?  And he DID!  And such a clutch hitter.  Not this postseason, I know, but he helped us clinch, and we were all so glad to see him.  How about this — I’ll buy another Sheffield shirt.  Or a jersey, how’s that?  Just tell me what I can do to convince you.  Please!

Is Sheffield Getting the Shove?

Have you ever been on the receiving end of one of these?  "Oh, don’t worry, it will be fine, I just don’t want to feel trapped into something so far ahead of time — but, definitely, I have every intention of marrying you/hiring you/granting you a credit line/sharing an apartment with you."  Then, boom.  They flake out on you, except that they are not flaking out at all, are they?

Mark Feinsand remembers.  "At the beginning of Spring Training, Brian Cashman told Gary Sheffield that he didn’t see any reason why the Yankees would not pick up the outfielder’s $13 million option for 2007."

Know what he says now?  This is what he told the Associated Press for Sports Illustrated about how he is going to squeeze back into the lineup once his wrist is healed, never mind the 2007 contract:  "’I just think that those type discussions will come when we know he’s ready to go,’ he said. ‘But right now there’s no guarantee. I just don’t know when him and Hideki will be here, and so I think we just lined up some choices, insurance policies, whatever you want to call it.’"

How do you read "go," as in "when we know he’s ready to go"?  For readers, he probably meant "ready to go," as in ready to go be a right fielder again.  However, I think his word choice is pretty conspicuously ambiguous. It’s almost too conspicuous to be intentional, like a slip of the tongue.  I don’t know.  What do you think?

I do not know what will happen when Gary Sheffield’s contract expires at the end of this season.  I do know that something smelled funny several months ago when the front office got him to quiet down when he started agitating publicly about being stonewalled on obtaining a commitment for one more year with the Yankees.  It sounded like the reassurance came from the suits, not Daddy George, and that is what made me uncomfortable.  I could have this all wrong, but my sense is that the troublemakers are Mr. Steinbrenner’s initiatives, and when he drops them, they are not long for the show, at least not for ours.  When David Wells embarrassed the family with his book and subsequent public comments, and then let his weight get out of hand and strain his back, contributing to our loss in the World Series in 2004, he was offered a couple hundred thousand and a minor league contract, despite a quite successful year.  Steinbrenner was done with him.  Done, or else he wanted Wells to beg.  I hope Steinbrenner is not done with Sheffield.  I hope Torre wasn’t the official reassurance this time, because, if so, he’s dropped another tier.  Plus, I never got the feeling he was one of Joe’s Boys. 

Would you find this reassuring, spoken by Joe Torre?

"I told Sheff that, if this deal is done, it doesn’t say for sure that we’re not going to have him here or pick up his option," the manager said. "That doesn’t mean you’re making him any promises that you are, but it doesn’t mean that, because you get an outfielder, tell him that this is the way it’s going to be."

Oh, man.  Sheffield, I really like you.  I like you as a Yankee.  You give EVERYTHING and you deserve a real shot at a ring. 

Mr. Steinbrenner (and Mr. Cashman, if you are within hearing distance), please bring Gary Sheffield back for 2007.  We all know he deserves it.  We all know we have at least one too many adult outfielders now that we have acquired Abreau.  Perhaps Abreu or Damon can be trade bait for a pitcher next year.  After all, we have wonderful minor leaguers who have been hitting and fielding well under tremendous pressure, and you recall how magically well we did when our team was made mainly of our fine former farmhands, back in 1996-98, and we have helped new outfielders move along in to their futures before.  So, please, consider another year of Sheffield’s salary, which pays for far more than his clutch hitting and his no-doubt fielding (don’t you miss that?)  It buys the no-restraint energy that inspires the team and the fans who come to see the guy who is not afraid of anyone and who will do just about anything to win.  We like the polite Yankees.  But we need our Sheffield too.  And, while you’re at it, if you feel like angering Boston, perhaps you could offer David Wells a uniform and a hamburger, no mayonaise.

Thank you.  You are the closest thing we have to Santa Claus, you know.  We count on you.  That’s a lot of pressure.  But, you love it, right?!  Making us happy, making yourself happy?

With love and respect,

Sharon Pearce

Fan of Aging Troublemakers