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ERA Watch, and Watch Yourself, Ozzie!

Notice how John Sterling has had it in for Shawn Chacon the last couple times around, especially time before last?  Unless I missed it, he didn’t even get a rehab start off the DL, and then Torre lifted him too early last week, leaving us to hear nothing but how he supposedly can’t last more than 5.  Anyway….

Look’s like Loaiza had to assure us that it was just the Rocky Mountain air and that peculiar humidor treatment that they give the baseballs up there that locked jaws like mine in the desire for disbelief as he blew his third start after 2 great outings off the DL.  Last time out, he was solid and LONG — went all 9.  Hmmm, are the Yankees noticing?

Take a look at these ERA’s:

Derek Lowe, RHP (6-3, 2.90) vs. Francisco Liriano, LHP (7-1, 2.17)
Dodgers (40-36) @ Minnesota (40-35).  Unusual and well-matched inter-league.

For a moment, think about Houston and the White Sox last season.  Now, think about Detroit.  Close your eyes and listen.

Roger Clemens, RHP (0-1, 3.60)   vs  Nate Robertson, LHP (7-3, 3.38)  Houston 38-30 @ Tigers 52-25.

Sabathia is pitching tonight, too, against the Cardinals.  Should be fun.  Right, CC?

ERA Watch

FRANCISCO LIRIANO (LHP)  7-1, 2.17     Twins @ Astros  4-2 

Now 7-1 after the Twins knocked Roger Clemens out of the game at 100 pitches in the 5th, Liriano may have stolen some of Clemens’ 2006 debut thunder in Houston, but his 2.17 ERA may still be sleeper material.  Will Ozzie select him for his All-Star rotation or bullpen?   

  1. MLB Debut: 09/05/2005, Twins in relief against Texas    2005 Record: 1-2, 5.70, 23.2 IP, 4 GS