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Evening the Score

Off my proverbial chest I foist the following:

  • ERRORS are not being called on sloppy and questionable fielding plays.  Managers are taking out pitchers for relievers when sharper fielding would prevent baserunners.  This undermines pitchers and destabilizes weary late-season teams.  To paraphrase a dazzled, recently traded starter:  ” It’s so different when there are people behind you who might catch the ball.”   Losers:   Esteban Loaiza:  WAS @ PHI — 8-17-05, Aaron Heilman:  NYM — at least twice this season — I haven’t followed the Mets closely lately.  Steve Trachsel:  NYM — several times over the last couple years.  David Wells:  as a NYY (I’m not talking about the first time, when Jeter talked to him about trusting that his teammate-trust needed work)  If I were a pitcher, I would feel secure, even fortunate, if Aaron Rowand had my back in Center, Tino Martinez covered 1B, etc.  More on this to come.

  • STRATEGICALLY SIGNIFICANT CALLS AGAINST SOME TEAMS IN HIGH PLACES ARE INCREASING (and not against their opponents):  Losers:  CWS, NYY, WAS, etc.  I stick my neck out with the inference, but  announcers wonder about the calls even when their own team benefits.  Full disclosure:  I support the Yankees, obviously.  However, to me, they do not appear prepared for this year’s post-season.  I have no interest in false wins.  It’s hard that everyone comes to the park with their best game when they play the Yankees, but the players are paid well because they are expected to handle the extra attitude and prepartion that opponents bring to the game.  When they fail to do that, they fail, and an umpire has naught to contribute.  They can fail on their own, and I have seen them fall by their own hand a lot this season.  They can  handle the responsibility.  I don’t need to blame umpires for stupid mistakes that players make on on their own.  Given that every fan wants their teams to get lucky breaks, “we’re all in” the same boat as I see it.  However,… keep your eyes open if your team is doing too well, is too popular, or is too rich to BE popular!)       More on this to come.

  • That said, GET OFF THE LATE-SEASON YANKEE-BASHING!  I mean it.  It’s amazingly predictable to correlate cheap shots about the Yankees with poorly-researched commentary.  You really can’t buy a World Series team.  They would have. Look at the last 4 years.  If you could buy one, they’d  have 29-30 rings by now, not 26.  Can you buy advantage that may be  unfair?  Sure.  Before we go there, please find out and  tell me what the low-performing and under-funded teams DO with the dollar-for-dollar cash that Steinbrenner hands over when the Yankee payroll exceeds the salary cap.  When their payrolls hold steadily low, and when they annually collect the Yankee subsidy, do they really think that building a newer-than-Yankee-Stadium (est 1923, fyi) will foster a fanbase more reliably than investing in a productive farm system?  I grow cliched.  I stop.  in new stadiums that lose money rather than invest i continue Serious observers have noted fatalistically that the Yanks have been “building” up not just a hugely talented and expensive team, but also a twisted underdog status — as in, how could they possibly keep losing?  This is complex as well as painful to write about.  Unless you believe they are intentionally dropping games for betting, or are covertly planning some sneaky (and risky) come-from-behind surprise (WHEN?  After how many losing postseasons?!  Hurry!!  Just kidding), you are wise and sane enough to be weighing alternatives.  Your stomach may be stronger than mine.     More on this later.