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UM, Daddy George? We’ve Got Like 7 Days To Slip BOOMER in QUIETLY

It even goes beyond retiring as a Yankee.  Did you know that Ron Guidry was his idol growing up!  Uh, huh!  Wait ’til you hear this — in his first MLB start, his opposing pitcher WAS Guidry.  Take a look at the symmetry — closing out his career with Guidry as pitching coach?! 

And, wasn’t David (David Wells, for those of you whose needs I have rudely ignored) undefeated as a Dodger until this week, when he took care to take LA out of contention himself, in plenty of time to sneak onto our roster?

You know he’ll pitch wherever he’s needed — as a starter, out of the bullpen, whatever.  He and Clem could combine for a game.  Now that’s  symmetry.   

Let’s make nice.  OK?  Please?  So little is going well, even in my baseball social life.  This bone would make so many dogs happy.

It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like October in July

October 2005, the Right Sox won the World Series and everywhere everone who cared awakened afterward under the light sprinkle of  pixie dust bearing evidence that It had really happened, that nothing was the same, and It was good.  I don’t have  to tell you that the "morning after" the last game of any World Series is no proverbial condition, not for those of us who wake up each day in the offseason looking for signs of spring training’s imminence, hoping we see dew on the grass or daffodils at the corner grocery, seasonal markers that tell us that it is safe to start counting days until Pitchers and Catchers without bringing on despair or the ridicule of colleagues. 

We are halfway through the 2006 season now, and some of us are like the young man who called-in to WFAN  this afternoon, feeling down about being on the short end of the year. Hearing  the caller reminded me that it is time to refresh my sense of baseball’s infinity. 

Three of today’s results — results that echoed with due annual import at the season’s symbolic midpoint — thrust us back into the pixie dust of recent history and swing us up and into this year’s history to be. 

Tomorrow begins the All Star Break.  In the context of ALCS and NLCS 2005. Look what happened tonight, July 9, 2006: 

  • in 19 innings:     Red Sox 5   Right Sox 6
  • in 12 innings:    Cardinals 5   Astros 5  (as of 11:54 ET)

I did mention 3 results.  Accompanying the White Sox win last year was a corresponding experience, one bearing a tectonic verisimilitude to the postseason events.  As we head into the might-as-well-be-proverbial All Star Break, this parallel storyline, (interwoven with baseball, I need not assure you) too, has just this very early morning born a marker of its own, one that announces its origin in the same infinity of possibility that created the pixie dust of last October and the death of Mark Gremse just days later.  It recalled the signs of daffodils and dew, and of possibility that is about to turn toward hope, as it did for me on New Year’s in Paris.

part 2 to follow