Yankee Reject Report: Opening Day 2010

April 5, 2010 (Monday)
(Following the 1-game official MLB Opening Day April 4 (Yankees 7 @ Red Sox 9)

Tiger Johnny Damon scored twice against Kansas City but Phil Coke allowed 2 hits to 3 batters faced in 2/3 of a 4-pitcher 7th inning, in which he also allowed one inheirited runner to score. Farnsworth pitched a 1-2-3 9th. (Royals 4 @Tigers 8). Angel Hit-The-Dek-i Matsui, batting clean-up, christened his arrival in LA with a go-ahead single in the 5th followed by an 8th inning HR, pale only next to his Yankee Stadium debut –hitting a Grand Slam– and his parting shot –leaving as World Series MVP. Juan Rivera hit an RBI single in the 2nd. (Twins 3 @Angels 6) Brave Melky Cabrera, batting lead-off, walked and scored in the first and advanced a runner to 3rd (Nate McClouth) on an 8-pitch fly-out in the 6th. Eric Hinske hit an RBI triple (Jason Heyward) and then scored in his one at-bat, in the 8th. (Cubs 5 @Braves 16)

Yankees: off, after losing MLB official season opener Sunday.

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