Heard On Air: John, You Have a Flexor Mass

John:    “I don’t have one.”

Suzyn:  “Yes, you do have a mass, John.  You have a flexor mass.”

Both:     They giggle, and grope their way into their refrain about injuries that never existed ’til fancy names like ‘oblique’ came to mean ‘pain in the side’


Since when does Suzyn not know a part of the body that can be injured in baseball?  Was this a bit that she and John set up?!  After commercial, Carlos Silva (a friend of Luis Sojo, we understand) stepped in with an explanation in medicalese, which Suzyn translates to mean that it hurts when Bruney bends his elbow.

John:    “Bending an elbow is a great sport.  We’ll be doing some of that later, around 9 o’clock”


I love these two.  No wonder they changed-up, from calling her his Companera to YANKEES Companera.  Tongues can waggle like Gary Sheffield’s bat!  But you can tell, they play as clean as the Yanks (sans A-Rod).


Oh!  You want to know what is this all about?   The fabled radio broadcast team for the Yankees, of course:  John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman.  Check them out here, on MLB.com Gameday Audio, WCBS AM.  


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