Remind Us of Anyone?

Was that …last year?  Pinstripes on the Park?  Yankees in Toronto? Joe Torre told the boys to show up late with no practice because they’d been pressing?  Newly re-signed (does anyone come back a 3rd time?) Roger Clemens got up on stage in the middle of Manhattan, in Bryant Park right behind the public library’s main branch, and tried mightily to heave-ho us into headiness for playoffs the Yanks had not looked ready to secure lately.  I had to admire his The crowd did not look ready to welcome Roger.  Not rude, just not, well, warm.  Definitely wary.  Maybe it was because he wouldn’t say how great it was to be a Yankee again, to come back and fix Boston.  There was a need to hear that and, surely, a way to say it. 

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