SCORNED YANK CAIRO Scores Cards’ Lone 18-1 Run in Loss

I’ll take the rap.  The fans always do.  We cry.  Then we cheer BIG when our favorites do well elsewhere and come back to play us.  (Well, Yankee fans do.)  Then we buy more t-shirts and beer.  I hope Miggy got at least a piece of the Yankee t-shirt I special-ordered from Modells while he was with us second time around after being cut the first time and put in the Mets outfield.  Now he’s back with St. Louis.  The ONLY run!!  I said it aloud before I saw the box score.  I just had a feeling.     Makes me think of the Boomer’s first return. The Christmas Present, you know, when Daddy George met him for burgers at his favorite place in Tampa.  Boomer’s favorite place that is, this time.  Speaking of Boomer… wishing no ill on the Dodgers – they seem to be sharing spoons with the Mets, who have more sick days in the bank – what about that offense?!  AND…DADDY GEORGE… IS IT TOO LATE??  WHAT IF THE DODGERS DON’t MAKE IT???  DADDY???? 

DADDY GEORGE??? !!!!!!!

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