Let the Prodigal Son Return, Daddy George!

  • It’s our last chance to let DAVID WELLS retire as a Yankee!
  • And do we need another long man in the bullpen?  YES! Someone who can make spot starts? YES!  Remember, yesterday Karstens wasn’t available to replace Wang in his hard-hit early innings — because he was starting TODAY!
  • You’ve let Brian do his thing. 
  • Look how much we are paying Clemens for a partial season with one or 2 partial starts himself.
  • We kind of owe him, and he owes us — He pitched just one perfect playoff inning, but we didn’t exactly make it easy for him to stay (and I understand why).
  • Let Wells make a public statement about his mouth, and how he will keep
    quiet and tactful, for him.  He can acknowledge he wasn’t acting right
    at the end last time around.
  • Let him rest his back and lose weight for August on the DL.  And promise to throw on his throwing day.  Then…
  • It’s SHOW time in the POSTSEASON!


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