It’s Always Really About the Yankees

Thanks to Floraine Kay for this snippit:

As they cover today’s interleague game against the Red Sox at Fenway, the Atlanta Braves radio broadcasters It’s take note of their surroundings.  They like the location of their booth, for instance.  But, wow, these northerners know how to spend their money.   A season ticket on the Green Monster costs — can you guess? — $27,000 !  For anyone thinking "I could do that," he added, "Who buys one?!"

  • As a Yankee fan, I wonder if someone at Fenway has money on the Yanks this year.  $27,000 ?!  It’s no coincidence that the Yankees Fan Club is still $26.00 for a year’s membership.  When it goes up to $27.00 no one will mind, because we will be relieved that the Yankees have finally won their 27th World Series title.

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