Expelled Yankee Watch

I hate to beat a dead horse.  So, I found one that’s alive and kicking.  If only SHAWN CHACON had received this kind of attention as a Yankee — starting with his manager and coaches.   

Link: Bucco Blog: LaRoche Beats Astros in 16th.

You have to tip your hat to Shawn Chacon for this win because Chacon tossed four innings of two-hit baseball despite the fact he already had thrown 52 pitches in the last 7 days, and after the 58 he threw in this game, that gave him a total of 107 for the week. But it’s not just 107 – he pitched in four games during the week so add in all the bullpen work and Chacon’s pitch count was off the charts.

Thank you again, Almost-Anonymous Bucco Blogger, for taking the time to analyze the work of most players on the field for every game, from a unique perspective which you back up with detail.  You set a fine standard.  Regarding Chacon, many Yankee fans loved him here and were disgusted that in 2006 Joe Torre chose to pitch him too irregularly – and then out of the bullpen – to discern whether it was the unpredictability or Chacon’s knee problem that was keeping him from performing like the savior he was in 2005. 

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