Looks Like Miggy’s Back!

Tucked-in among our losses of last year was a listlessness of my own — that is, if you can swallow my self-importance with enough ease to accept calling absence of one’s own spirit a loss.   By losses I mean more than the Yankee Season of course, Corey Lidle coming right to mind, and the sabremetric blow to baseball that figured anyone to be Most Valuable Player of our league but Derek Jeter.  I was at that last game, when he gave up his place in the line-up to no announcement, much was wrong, measure for measure, and far more.

Imagine if  after all we had brought-in Mark Loretta to replace Miguel Cairo in the off- season.* [See below!]   I have great news to repeat.   Today’s New York Post is unofficially reporting a 1-year, $750,000 deal in the works.  Thank you to MLB.com’s Brian Hoch for updating us.

  • *To anyone wondering how I can argue for Cairo (.239, 0 HR, 30 RBI, 13 SB, only 81 games [injured]in 2006) over Loretta (.285, 5HR, 59 RBI, 4 SB, 155 games in 2006)  Loretta, who is now with the Astros, has some good numbers and brings a lot to the field, but as you will read
    elsewhere in this blog, I feel a loyalty to Cairo, whose bottomless
    energy, effort, enthusiasm, and magic timing carried us far during our
    disabled last year, as well as in his prior trek with us.  I’ll have to look up the stats, but he actually performs better under pressure!  Also, he
    never stops improving, physically and mentally.  Gaining strength enough to hit  for doubles
    last year was a big deal, I think.  As announcer
    John Sterling always says, "Miggy is the best .[fill-in-the-blank]
    player in baseball."  His average belies what he makes happen on the
    field.  Miggy is a Yankee.

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