Nobody Knows the Trouble ….

Let’s hope George King of the New York Post is right in thinking that Yankee GM Brian Cashman is likely to offer a deal to this blog’s favorite utility man MIGUEL CAIRO.  A source of my concern?  Ron Villone was offered a deal but not Miggy, who was turned loose as a free agent earlier this year. 

Floraine Kay once again deserves recognition for calling it way ahead — she thought we should have tried to get reputed troublemaker Shea Hillenbrand before he went to the Giants this spring as right-handed protection for Giambi.  I gave her my tired and increasingly-repeated line — once a Red Sock always a Red Sock.  As it turned out, we needed him.  Who knew we’d be asking our upstanding rightfielder (no sarcasm here) to fill-in for the first time just before playoffs, just after hospital release, just after minor league season closed precluding practice.  Boy, batters would have been afraid to so much as look at the right side of the diamond.   Some intimidation those personalities would bave been together.  I am not over Sheffield yet, as may be obvious by my dearth of posts.  I HATE THINKING this way, but, after this awful shooting by police of the groom-to-be on his wedding eve, I am inclined to notice that Sheffield was one of our few black players, too. After an incident like that, it has to be noted that no group of 3 young white men out for their friend’s last night on the town would find this happening to them.

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