Brass Translates Sheffy’s Tantrum: PLEEEEEEASE!

Link: Yankee Brass Translates Tantrum —  Sheff Just Wants To Be Loved, Come Home. 

Come on, Papa Yankee!  PLEEEEEASE let him back!  He’ll do anything.  He’s been a model Yankee —  one of your prodigal favorites.  ‘Til now, he proved all the critics wrong about his effect on the clubhouse.  He had such a good attitude about going to 1st base.  He tried so hard.  Remember how much pain he played through?  How much faster he had to run because he couldn’t lift his arm?  And he DID!  And such a clutch hitter.  Not this postseason, I know, but he helped us clinch, and we were all so glad to see him.  How about this — I’ll buy another Sheffield shirt.  Or a jersey, how’s that?  Just tell me what I can do to convince you.  Please!


  1. Sharon

    Can’t argue with you, Greg! At least he went to a team in contention.

    Nice blog, by the way. You cover a lot of ground.

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