Keep an Eye on Cairo

Link: Scout has eye on Cairo for Indians

Roger Brown of the Cleveland Plain Dealer notes that a "prominent National League Scout" has ranked our Miguel Cairo toward the top of his list of 2nd-tier 2nd basemen.  (Does working part-time default a player to 2nd-tier?  It should justify any low numbers)  Thank you for calling attention to him, Mr. Prominent Scout, though I am sure you meant this as a recommendation for an Indians’ pick-up  (…though I thought you were a National League scout.)  It’s a heads-up for us. When the Yankees’ front office evaluates our roster over this winter, I hope everyone remembers Cairo as our turnkey 2nd baseman and utility player, especially when we were trying to scratch our way out of 2nd place and then to secure 1st. 

Forget postseason for a minute.  I think that was the most critical period for the Yankees this year.  Without Cairo, I am not sure how the period would have played out.  Who was on the team?  Can YOU name them?  Exactly my point.  Cairo went from DH to 2nd base when Cano got hurt (hamstring), and minor leaguers and trades covered all the other positions, except for Shortstop (Jeter–great year), Catcher (Posada–great year) and a few Pitchers. How does a team win with players you have never practiced with, who change often daiy?  (Torre–manager–great year)  The substitute players kept changing, but not Cairo. 

Cairo makes things happen offensively in the least promising of circumstances.  Make-It-Happen-Miggy could well be his nickname.  He hits, bunts, steals aggressively, all in the CLUTCH.  In fact, his numbers are better under clutch conditions.  In 2006, this is how his average broke down:

  • season-  .239
  • bases empty-  .197 
  • runners on base-  .286
  • runners in scoring position (risp)-  .328
  • bases loaded-  .375
  • In OCTOBER-  .500
    • Inexplicably, Cairo was given only 2 at-bats in the post-season.

This man could light a fire rubbing two soaked twigs against each other in the rain.  Why we didn’t let him ignite the playoff squad against the Tigers is not the topic for this piece.  At least we didn’t lose him with the Series.  I HOPE we don’t lose him with the Series.

I paraphrase WCBS announcer John Sterling: 

He’s the best .239 hitter you”ll ever see.

Stay, Miggy, Stay!   Let Cairo Stay!  Please!


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