For Corey Lidle

Coreylidle_ap_first_game_81_beat_toronto Eat a bowl of ice cream in memory of Corey Lidle, folks.  Remember his first game as a Yankee on August 3, when he beat Toronto 8-1 at the Stadium?   Someone heard he liked ice cream, so there was a bowl waiting for him between each inning!  That was a win, by the way.

Can you imagine the care he must have taken not to crash into hospital row, the UN, or other crowds in the area?  I feel terrible for anyone who lost people and apartments.  Please give him credit for aiming well, like the pitcher he was.  I wish the press would show photos from his successes, not from ALCS Game 4 which was bad for the whole team, when they cover the story of his plane crash. 

One comment


    I hope the Yankees push for an investigation. I also hope that they take good care of his widow and child. Too many planes have suspicious “engine trouble.”

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