At Least Connecticut Understands about Spending Money

I don’t agree with everything that Bob Kennedy — Sports Editor of the Stamford Advocate — prescribes for the Yankees in the article excerpted below, but I am glad that someone besides Yankee radio announcer John Sterling has taken the time to fault those who whine that the Yankees win because they have so much money.  For every dollar he spends over the limit, George Steinbrenner pays a luxury tax that goes into the pockets of the neediest teams’ owners.  Instead of pouring the money into their teams, thus creating a paying, t-shirt-hungry public, these owners "disappear" their funds, only to complain about the Yankees’ advantage without accounting for what they have done with their team’s  budget.  Thank you, Mr. Kennedy, for suggesting that teams follow a winning business model, while simultaneously cautioning, of course, that money does not buy championships, no matter how much is spent.  The Yankees know that.  The other owners and the press should remember.  Let’s wait ’til next year and see if they do.   

EXCERPTED FROM The Stamford Advocate – Taking a swing at fixing the Yankees by Sports Editor Bob Kennedy:

…Yankee haters [are] sure the team wins because it outspends every other franchise. Gary Sheffield may have said it best when he signed with the Yankees: "What I like about Mr. Steinbrenner is he spends his money." Think about it. How much does it cost to go to a Yankees game? Figure in tickets, hot dogs, beer, parking, programs, more beer, peanuts and souvenirs. Then multiply that times four million-plus fans that showed up at Yankee Stadium this season. Then take into account the YES network, including income from broadcasting in Japan. And radio rights. And all the commercials from "The official water of the Yankees broadcast booth" to the Lojack "Caught Stealing" ads. My guess is that comes to a lot of money. Suppose George put that money in his pocket. I think there just might be a public outcry. So, George puts the money into his team. And, he pays the luxury tax. And, the Yankees fill opposing teams’ stadiums when they’re on the road. I don’t have a problem with George spending his money. If other teams spent money maybe they would make money. Then again, spending big bucks doesn’t guarantee winning. Just look at the New York Knicks.


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