Where Am I? Where I am.

  • My Yankees and Dodgers lost equally badly.  (my team and my childhood hometown team) No energy. 
  • My Tigers won.  (my underdog pick and sentimental favorite)
  • The A’s won.  (Loaiza)
  • The Mets won (Trachsel, local team, wish them well)
  • The Padres (Wells) or the Cardinals (Eckstein, Jeff Weaver) will win next
  • ALCS:  I want the TIGERS to win, (except against Loaiza!  let the guy have one real postseason win!)
  • ALDS:  The Mets may be the best team.  The Cardinals seem to freeze.  The Padres don’t hit much.

One comment

  1. fkay@nycboe.net

    I recall a certain shortish person saying something about the series being “Mets-Tigers” a few months ago…

    I think Oakland has a shot, but probably it WILL be Mets-Tigers. I used to say Mets in 4. I now think probably Mets in 6, but I hope the Tigers win. Just let Trachsel get a real playoff win. And Weaver has to win his game again. The Cardinals do tend to freeze and the Mets and Oakland both have better pitching.

    Newsflash to the Yanks: Good pitching beats good personalities. We could’ve had Rogers and Wells. But, one was too snappish, the other too hard to control.

    Who’s sorry now?

    Oh and let’s be GRATEFUL to pitchers who come through. As you’ve pointed out many times, Loaiza was great for the Yanks in the playoffs. And we traded him anyway.

    Again, who’s sorry now?

    Personally, I could say goodbye to Torre. I think we should take Showalter back.

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