Charlie Still Keeps a New York Beat

Dodgers’ radio announcer Charlie Steiner, who anchored the Yankees’ WCBS radio broadcast with John Sterling through 2004, made a precient comment after the Yankees lost the ALDS to the Tigers and before the Dodgers lost the NLDS to the Mets yesterday evening.

Over lunch with Vin Scully and Rick Monday, he posed this question:  Hypothetically speaking, suppose the Mets beat the Dodgers and advance to the NLCS.  In New York, what will be the main story in the papers, that the Mets won the NLDS or that the Yankees lost?

Boy, does Charlie know New York and its newspapers.  It is hard to imagine another city with 2 teams in the playoffs to begin with.  Without an understanding of the pervasiveness of George Steinbrenner’s temper and influence throughout New York City, it is impossible to conceive of a paper ranking one team’s disqualification ahead of another team’s clinch.  Imagine:  TRIBUNE MAY SELL CUBS IF THEY LOSE NLDS TITLE, WHITE SOX SWEEP

Yet, take a look at what Mark Feinsand found.  In one edition of Sunday’s Daily News the front page features a headline shouting "OUTTA HERE" next to a photograph of Joe Torre, the Yankees’ 11-year manager, who, by the way, has taken the team to the postseason 11 out of those 11 years.  The final edition of the Daily News incorporates the Mets’ win over the Dodgers, and "features a wraparound headline that reads ‘In & Out’ with photos of Mets manager Willie Randolph spraying champagne on one side and a grimacing Torre on the other."

And, no, this is not a hint requesting that he replace Suzyn Waldman.  Her in-game knowledge and insights are invaluable.  She gets information no one hhas because she really enjoys talking with players, no matter who they are.  Even her interview questions — surprisingly her weakest area — are improving. 

One comment


    Nice to see Charlie knows SOMETHING. Got it is hard to listen to him after Vin Scully. I actually switched back to the Mets announcers once Scully left.

    Rumors are that Torre is out and Lou Piniella is coming in. I dount it, but it might work.

    Check out my blog for trade ideas. I’m ready to give up A-Rod for a peanut butter sandwhich and a prospect.

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