Last Minute Thoughts before the Dodgers-Mets NLDS Game 3

  • Listen to Vin Scully on KFWB if you have Gameday Audio or XM Radio.  He calls the game BY HIMSELF.  There is no meaningless conversation.  He has been covering the Dodgers since they were in Brooklyn.  His anecdotes are appropriate and insightful, and he selects unusual details to highlight and draw meaning from.  Longtime Dodger Rick Monday — whose voice is positively buttery — joins Charlie Steiner, formerly on the Yankees’ radio team, to cover special segments like the line-up.  (During the regular season, Scully covers the entire game on TV and just the first few innings on the radio, leaving the rest for Monday and Steiner.  I believe TV announcing is being covered by others for the playoffs.)
  • Consider that Steve Trachsel has had success in big games, even if he has not pitched in the post-season.  He clinched this season.  He clinched for the Cubs in that 1-game playoff in 1988.  While Greg Maddux has 11 years of postseason experience, his record is under .500.  If he had been on the Mets through the troubled years that Trachsel has survived, that number might not raise concern, but he was on the pennant-happy Atlanta Braves.


  1. Cyn

    I watched a lot of Dodgers games this year and, I have to admit, between the fact that he calls the games alone and the sound of his voice…many nights Vin Scully lulled me to sleep.



    Listening to the game. He called Jose Reyes “an Indian Rubber band” because he fell down and still made the double play…


    I hate the Mets. Trachsel gives up TWO RUNS and they take him out. Quick, trade him to the Yankees. Would that ONE of our pitchers ONLY GAVE UP TWO RUNS.




    That’s what I want.

    To heck with the stupid, stupid, stupid METS.


    All right. I’m a little less angry now since all of the pitching of the Mets have been uneven and the sportscasters don’t seem to be blaming Trachsel or anyone. It’s a team effort…I’m still irritated, but more so with our team:

    I think A-Rod needs to play shortstop somewhere else. He’s out of sync because he’s out of position.

    But this whole team isn’t really a team. And the irony is that we really played just as well, or better without Sheffield and Matsui. I think their return had a dampening effect on Melky and on Cano who has enjoyed playing with his close friend.

    I think we should let go of Sheff, A-Rod, Giambi, Andy Phillips and go out and get REAL FIRST AND THIRD BASEMEN.

    We have imposters in both corners and it puts the whole team out of sync.

    Do you think we would have had a worse season with Shea Hillenbrand at third? A-Rod is in his own zone.

    I was at a game where he tried to let a fielder’s choice drop so he could sneak in a double play. Jeter just stuck his glove up and caught the ball at the last minute. What he wanted to do was a dirty trick and it’s not the Yankee’s style. He’s out of sync with the rest of the infield.

    Our team has not been a team for years. We need only look over at the Mets to see what a cohesive team looks like. I don’t want their team, but they play together and we don’t. That’s why we all choke at the bat. Nobody trusts anyone else.

  6. Sharon

    Can we keep Cairo? He makes things happen, and I think he can master first or third. He made great double plays with Jeter while Cano was out, seemed in tune.


    We have to keep Cairo. He blends right in. We have to keep Aaron Guiel for the same reason.

    But, we need a true first baseman — Cairo is our utility player and I know the Yankees won’t give him a full-time spot.

    I can’t see why A-Rod wants to stay. He is driving his career into the ground.

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