SOMEBODY, go get Wells those burgers.  He wasn’t kidding, you know, and he earned them, all right.  We had another chance at him when Boston moved him on, and again we passed.  David Wells, who brings luck, a chronic backache, and a special ulcer for Joe Torre when he is on our team, was welcomed back to his hometown Padres, and he returned the favor by clinching for them.  He would be the Yankees’ #1 postseason starter, possibly #2 because of the gout he just pitched through, not to mention the back that threw him out of favor in 2003, when he pitched a great first inning and left us with tired relievers and an extra game to win, which, of course, we didn’t.  Does that postseason-ending collision with Sheffield illuminate why loyal and senior AAA outfielder Bubba Crosby got picked to take the walk when someone had to go this year?

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    Congrats to Wells! But, I feel bad for Bubba Crosby…also for Craig Wilson and Aaron Guiel. What do we think Andy Phillips can do besides fit into Jason Giambi’s uniform?

  2. Sharon

    Andy Phillips can work on his hitting! Maybe Giambi can help. Do you remember where you heard about Wells giving him a girlie magazine when he was in a slump? I remember he hit right away!

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