Forewarned Is ForeARMED

Writing from Chicago, I welcome the opinions of local broadcasters who are unfettered by lifetimes of complexes about the Red Sox.  Cubs and White Sox announcers have already got the team slow-cooked and eaten,  in a kind of  cannibalistic Boston Clam Chowder, self-heated (from the implosion).

Of course we will win, all things going well today against the Gone to Bed Sox.  Just a couple notes of caution before we bring out the brooms for the season:

  1. 2004.    (Translation:  Be wary of 3-in-a-row malaise!)
  2. Two of our best pitchers started this series, Wang and Johnson.   Two of their best pitchers close it, Schilling and Wells.  Of course, we have Mussina tonight.  And remember to bring the ice cream for Corey Lidle tomorrow.  Anyone know his favorite flavors?


  1. Sharon

    You called it. Boston is O U T of ice cream. Lidle during the game of course. Wells got the taste afterward. I heard the two of them were seen scouring for baked Alaska, thumbing a ride “anywhere, except through that tunnel.”

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