Shawn Chacon’s Knee

Ed Eagle of describes RHP Shawn Chacon as "hobbled."   
l RHP Shawn Chacon will not make his scheduled start Monday
against Milwaukee because of soreness on the outside of his right knee.
Chacon had fluid drained from the knee and a cortisone shot prior to
Friday night’s game.

Chacon said he has been feeling pain on
and off in the knee throughout the season, and there was considerable
soreness after he lasted just 1 2/3 innings and allowed seven runs
Wednesday night in a 14-1 loss at Houston.

Chacon, acquired
from the New York Yankees in a July 31 trade for Craig Wilson, said he
will likely need arthroscopic surgery at the end of the season to
remove torn cartilage.

"It’s a case where the doctors say I
can’t hurt it any worse
if I continue pitching on it," Chacon said.
"I’d rather finish out the season than have surgery and miss the rest
of the season. It’s a situation where I’m just going to work to keep it

RHP Victor Santos, who has been working in long relief
for the past month after beginning the season in the starting rotation,
will likely start in Chacon’s place.

This would explain his poor second start for the Pirates, which was
a let-down after regular rest following his well-received win over
Atlanta the week before.  I wonder how thoroughly the Yankees tracked
his DL-worthy leg contusion and any subsequent injury that might have
developed as he tried to pitch around it.  Could it explain his
alternating spurts of near-brilliance and wild absence of control,
compounded of course by his irregular pitching assignments and
scheduling when he was a Yank.  It comforts me to read even speculation
about a possible injury before his next start comes around. 

One comment


    For a team with a lot of money, we sure have a way of wasting it. Chacon is, at least as good as Ponson and Lidle, and younger. Anything that needs a cortisone shot to fix is incredibly painful. It’s his fault for not speaking up, but their fault for not checking.

    Shawn, get better, be better and make us miss you even more.

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