Games to Watch Wed 8-9

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Today is full of big-game pitching match-ups between big-game pitchers leading teams that have something to lose.  Of course I will highlight a Chacon game whenever possible, and Pittsburgh is playing a contender.  There are one or two smaller games of more specialized interest as well.   

7:05pm          Twins (66-46)     @     Tigers (76-37)                    Gameday
SANTANA, Johan  LHP (12-5, 3.22)          @          BONDERMAN, Jeremy  RHP (11-5, 3.81)

Results        Twins 4 (67-46)         Tigers 3 (76-38)                Box         Wrap
W–SANTANA  LHP(13-5, 3.24)          L–ZUMAYA, Joel  RHP (6-2, 2.09) S–NATHAN, Joe  RHP (25, 1.47)        


8:05          Yankees  (66-43)     @     White Sox (66-45)                    Gameday
JOHNSON, Randy  LHP  (11-9, 5.11 )          @          GARLAND, John  RHP   (12-3, 4.99)

Results:  Yankees 7 (67-43)          White Sox 6  (66-46)                 Box          Wrap
(12-9, 5.03)          L–GARLAND (12-4, 5.16)         S–RIVERA, Mariano (29, 1.92)          


8:05pm          Pirates (42-71)      Preview     @     Astros (54-58)       Preview          Gameday
CHACON, Shawn  RHP (6-3, 6.62)        @        OSWALT, Roy  RHP (8-7, 3.34)

Results:  Pirates 1 (42-72)         Astros 14  (55-58)                 Box           Wrap   
W: Oswalt (9-7, 3.27)          L: CHACON (6-4, 7.36)         




    Speaking of questionable pitching trades/acquisitions, here’s Joel Sherman in the Aug 6 2006 NY Post

    “More amazing-but-true tales of the slow-healing prowess of Carl Pavano: He had surgery on May 25 to remove bone chips and is throwing side sessions with no clear date set for a rehab assignment. Detroit lefty Mike Maroth had the same surgery eight days later and will begin a rehab assignment this week. And, oh yeah, Pavano has not thrown a pitch in a major-league game since June 27, 2005.”


    Great Yankee game tonight — too bad Johnson lost concentration after that hit in the 6th inning. GREAT WORK BY VALLONE. And Rivera.

    What do you think was up with Farnsworth?

  3. Sharon

    The 2-nights-in-a-row thing? I wish Suzyn Waldman had thought out her answer better when John Sterling asked what she thought of putting him in, before he had thrown a pitch. She usually has a more layered answer than when-you-have-to-you-have-to. I wish she would ask Sterling his opinion, too. I really like that he asks hers. What do you think about Farnsworth? Lights out yesterday, right?

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