Games To Watch Sat 7-29

Jered Weaver, RHP (7-0, 1.15)

Angels (53-49)


Josh Beckett, RHP (13-5, 4.77)

Red Sox (61-40)

W: J. Tavarez (2-3, 5.17); L: H. Carrasco (2-3, 3.74)

Could be very tight.  These are the Yankees’ biggest threats in recent times.  The Angels are tough.  For a brief period earlier this season, the Angels had both Jered and his older brother Jeff, my former Yankee Dreamweaver, on the rotation.  Unmistakably brothers, both with long blond hair and blue eyes, limbs like weeds, and an easygoing wind-up, leaning together over the dugout fence they looked like two of the heavenly host decided to stay with their friends the Angels in Anaheim for awhile.  Since then, Jeff, whose salary still bulges from the days when he was a troublemaking fireballer from Detroit, has moved to St. Louis.  I must check to see whether I have already written about the time I kept him in the game in New York — Floraine Kay swears she saw it happen — and he won.  People have been talking about Jered for a long time.  Phenom.  He’s one whom that word really fits.  Like Steve Trachsel, he was a Long Beach State Dirtbag, and everyone’s eyes were on him to see where he would sign, and he shot right through their organization.  I seem to remember him taking a year outside the system first, but I could be wrong.  Clearly, Bud Black’s rather severe coaching style does not put him off.  Former Yankee outfielder Juan Rivera is also an Angel, and I was sorry to see him go.  He has developed into quite a star.  Also, keep an eye on Chone Figgins.  He’s a lot like the Angels’ former shortstop David Eckstein, pesky, and a great fielder.  OK, this is hard to say but it is important:  GO ANGELS. 

Jarrod Washburn, LHP (4-10, 4.58)

Mariners (49-53)


Jake Westbrook, RHP (7-6, 4.44)

Indians (45-56)

W: <w: B. Zito (11-7, 3.61); L: D. McGowan (1-1, 9.00); SV: H. Street (22)

Nate Robertson, LHP (9-6, 3.70)

Tigers (69-33)


Brad Radke, RHP (9-7, 4.74)

Twins (59-42)

W: N. Robertson (10-6, 3.87); L: B. Radke (9-8, 4.91); SV: T. Jones (29)

Chris Young, RHP (8-4, 3.64)

Padres (54-49)


Jeff Francis, LHP (8-8, 3.69)

Rockies (49-53)

W: C. Young (9-4, 3.57); L: J. Francis (8-9, 3.63); SV: T. Hoffman (28)


One comment


    “I’d rather give the pitcher credit than beat up on our hitters.” Tony La Russa on Cardinals loss to Greg Maddux on July 29, 2006.

    Wish everyone were so gracious

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