Games To Watch Thurs 7-27-06

Woody Williams, RHP (4-2, 3.15) Padres (54-47)   @  Josh Fogg, RHP (7-5, 4.25)Rockies (47-53)

Rockies 9     Padres 8          W: B. Fuentes 3-3, 4.02          L: S. Williamson 2-4, 5.23

POSTGAME NOTES:  This turned out interesting, but for reasons different from those that inspired me to select it as a good game to check out.  Because Woody Williams has led the 1st place Padres’ excellent young rotation, I knew there was a good shot that one starter would be fun, and there was the chance that fabled closer Trevor Hoffman would be called upon. Rockies’ young starter Josh Fogg has piqued my curiosity for some time.  However, Fogg was unable to excel, coming out in the 4th after earning 6 runs, for this was not to be a pitcher’s duel. 

From around the 7th inning, you could hear the Rockies’ KOA radio broadcasters try to quiet the excitement building in their voices even as they praised the many and varied qualities of their impressive visitors from Southern California.  Ramon Ramirez WAS exciting.  He kept the Padres quiet in the 7th and 8th, despite beginning his duty when there seemed little more to lose, the score still reading 8-3 San Diego.  Rockies’ hitting and baserunning got sharp.  Padres’ defense got weak.  Down by 2 at 2 outs against Hoffman in the 9th, Yorvit Torrealba homered, driving-in Todd Helton and tying it up.  In the 10th, Jamey Carroll singled-in Choo Freeman, who had just doubled, for the win. For the second time this year, the Rockies took an extra-innings game away from the visiting Padres, whom they had not led all night, beat them 9-8 in 10. 

I credit the KOA broadcaster (I wish I knew which one said it!) who spoke for the night, but perhaps also for the rest of the season, saying "they were down, but they were not out."

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