Games To Watch Wed. 7-26-06

Justin Verlander RP 12-4 2.77 Tigers 67-33   @  C.C. Sabathia LHP 7-6, 3.73 Indians 44-55

Tigers 4   @  Indians 1          W: Verlander 13-4, 2.69      L: Sabathia 7-7, 3.82     S: Todd Jones 27

This is a tough game for my heart.  Of course I am for the Tigers, and Verlander deserves a real shot a joining Halladay and the few others at the Esteemed 13 win mark.  On the other hand, it’s CC.

Jake Peavy, RHP (4-10, 5.15) Padres (53-47)   @  Brad Penny, RHP (10-4, 3.23) Dodgers (47-54)

Padres 10   @   Dodgers 3          W: J. Peavy 5-10, 5.01          L: B. Penny 10-5, 3.53

Noah Lowry, LHP (5-6, 4.45) Giants (51-49)   @  Pedro Astacio, RHP (1-1, 5.75) Nationals (44-56)

Giants 3   @   Nationals 4          W: S. Rivera 1-0, 5.18          L: A. Benitez 4-2, 2.63

Pure nostalgia.  I had a soft spot for THIS Pedro when he was a Met.  I do believe Lowry has pitched better than his record at times this season.  Could be interesting. 

Josh Johnson, RHP (8-5, 2.49) Marlins (46-52)   @  John Smoltz, RHP (7-5, 3.43) Braves (47-52)

Marlins 5  @  Braves 6          W: J. Smoltz 8-5, 3.55          L: T. Tankersley 1-1, 1.72          S: B. Wickman 17

Who is this rookie Johnson?  He tore up the minors and is clearly ready to face the Braves.  Forget his record.  Look at that ERA.  Does he have to face Smoltz?  On the other hand, what greater thrill?


  1. Sharon

    YES WE DO! Mr. Cairo needs no competition and we need no utility man, and we do need our sharp strikeout reliever. Good news is that I believe Betemit is going to the Dodgers.


    Great! I heard Joel Sherman say that he thought we wouldn’t make any major changes– he said this on the UPN 9 Sports news after the broadcast of the game.

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