Game To Watch

Greg Maddux, RHP (7-11, 4.56) Cubs (37-60)   @  Steve Trachsel, RHP (9-4, 4.68) Mets (59-39)

Two painful ironies here. 

Postgame update: W: G. Maddux (8-11, 4.83); L: S. Trachsel (9-5, 5.14); S: R. Dempster (17)

Shocked to hear Jim Leyritz say on MLB Radio today that the Mets’ biggest trade need is a #3 starter.  Yankee fan that I am, Mr. Leyritz, I thank you  heartily for 1996, as well as for your healthy doses of perspective and humor on Baseball Today.  However, I must disagree with you about the steadiest Met pitcher over the years.  Might I compare him to Mussina in that respect? 


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