New Mets, Same Old Mets

Second-baseman Jeff Keppinger was just traded from the Mets’ AAA Norfolk Tides to Kansas City.  I hope he ends up with a better future than utility player Super Joe McEwing, who was the last casualty to fall to the from the Mets to the Royals, and who is now doing time in the Astros’ farm system, I believe.  Kudos to WFAN’s Richard Near for recognizing the lack of apparent rationale for overlooking Keppinger in the Mets’ blueprint for the future.  Out of what sounde like goodwill, Near hypothesized that someone in the "organization" might be looking out for Keppinger, knowing he was facing a dead end at Norfolk.

I love this kid’s swing.  I saw him last year, I think it was.  Maybe the year before.  Maybe both. 

I would hope the Yankees would acquire him but for Miguel Cairo, who has proven himself to me. 

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