“I don’t know how he does it but he does it.”

Article Link: Notes:  Wells Making Progress:  Simulated Game Next After Successful Side Sessions.  (by Mike Petraglia, Special to MLB.com, 07/17/2006)

Almost sounds as enthusiastic as Joe Torre used to, doesn’t he?  That’s Terry Francona, David Wells‘ manager on the Red Sox.  Part of me says it serves him right, crossing over like he did.  The other part says poor guy, always loved the Babe, who could blame him, after the Yankees wouldn’t offer him more than a minor league deal after 2003, and nothing after 2004 on the Padres as far as I know.

So this is the love he gets at 43, after a summer of serious right knee trouble, after being Pavano-ed by a comebacker to the same bad knee in a start early this season, after fighting back to throw 49 pitches, a lot of them good, in a second side session yesterday: 

His loving manager says "…obviously we’ll check on him [Tuesday] morning, because that’s the thing to do."

Who loves ya better babe?  Come home.  Take whatever George will give you.  Take long relief.  Partner with Chacon.  Whatever.  Take it easy.  But take it.


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