Cubs get “W” !

The Cubs finally got a W, and that is no mere abbreviation. 

Kerry WOOD          1 ER of 2 allowed in 6 innings, 1 RBI single, W

Tony WOMACK      fresh from the Reds: 2 hits + spirit & speed

Todd WALKER        covering 1B for Derrek Lee: 2 runs, 3 RBI, 1 X-Ray

Kerry Wood is the unreasonable force that convinces the Cubs to play like they have a chance at winning, and he has returned to the rotation just in time after arthroscopic shoulder surgery.  The slump was starting to feel heavy and fated.  As Yankees announcer John Sterling said, as soon as the GM starts telling the press that the manager’s job is not in danger, we know it is in danger, and Jim Hendry had just reassured us all that Dusty Baker was not at risk of being fired.  Right.

But the kid came back, riding on his proverbial high horse and led them into a winning battle against Cincinnati.  No chuckles now.  They’re slipping a bit at the moment, but the Reds’ renaissance is second in popular shock value only to the #1 Tigers’,  and this week Detroit is set to be christened "for real."

So, Reds or Diamondbacks, it did not matter.  Wood not only pitched 6 earning only 1 out of 2 allowed runs, but — always a decent hitter — he put wood on an RBI single to help the cause.  Ardsma held the Reds to 3.  Scott Eyre let 1 run in.  Closer Ryan Dempster climbed out of Consecutive Blown Save Purgatory to shut down any doubters. 

We Got Wood!

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