Some Notes

  • I still do not understand what happened to turn Scott Proctor from a prospective starter on his way to AAA Columbus into a first-class middle reliever with a stomach lined with iron.  Or, is it teflon?  Actually, I think it is All-Clad.  (There is nothing I have burned onto an All-Clad pot that I could not wipe off, and that is saying quite a lot.  With the amount of cooking I do, I will settle for admiring it from afar, however.)  Proctor says it is a matter of confidence, which he gained during the one start he was allowed last year.  Readers know that I have felt he is a starter at heart for some time, and, yes, I felt gratified to learn that "the powers" had planned to send him down to turn into just that.  That, however, was before we lost our pitching  Now we all sigh in relief when he comes in, as we used to for Tanyon Sturtze, who, after another troublesome outing preceding Proctor’s today, finally admitted he is hurt. 
  • I think Joe Torre might really be upset.  The locker room was clear by the time Suzyn Waldman was allowed in after the game.  She compared Sturtze’s failure to report his injury (he did this last year, too) — and Torre’s apparent reaction — to the Kenny Rogers episodes back in 1995.   
  • Kerry Wood is on his way back!  He encourages me by his caution. 

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