Should be Good

  • Pregame:  LHP Chris Capuano (4-2, 2.63) is holding-on to his miniscule ERA.  Chan Ho Park, RHP, has earned little but praise and no-decisions, as  you can see from his stats (1-1, 4.12), which are not as exciting.  But which one would you rather be?  At least Park is a Padre, right?  Capuano is a Brewer, after all.  Wait a minute.  Their teams have identical records (17-16)?  Well, not anymore: 

Final:  Padres 3 (Park:  2-1, 3.57)   Brewers 0 (Capuano:  4-3, 2.83)

  • Pregame:  Any time  Aaron Harang, RHP, pitches, you have a good chance at a real game, especially this year.  Against Livan Hernandez, however, he and his Reds could be forgiven for falling to the Nationals, if they needed your pity, that is.  Cincinnati’s record is better than it should be, some say, and Washington has been underperforming.  Last year, Hernandez was more than an anchor — you might even call him the Nationals’ ace, with a 15-10 record and a 3.98 ERA.  Today, however, he started the game with a 1-4 record and a 6.29 ERA.  Unlike the Brewers and Padres, the Nationals and Reds’ records so far have been, not identical, but rather, inverse records:  Washington:  12-21  21-12, Cincinnati.  Harang walked into the game with a 5-1 record and a trim 3.78 ERA, and indeed had a good shot at the win, until David Weathers took it from him after first blowing his second save this season, allowing the score to tie up at 6-6 when he let Brian Schneider to score from 2nd on a Matthew LeCroy single after doubling off  Kent Mercker earlier in the 8th.   Mike Stanton deserves better than to red-carpet his own loss, inviting-in three runs with 3 walks, 2 of them intentional.   Back to Harang and  Hernandez, for a minute.  I think their respective ERA’s with runners in scoring position summarize the differences between their own performances and their teams’ as well, though I would like to look more deeply into that before asserting it  as a flat fact.  Coming into the game, Harang had a .227 over 44 at-bats with RISP.  Rodriguez:  .327 over 49.   

Final:  Reds 9 (Weathers)   Nationals 6 (Stanton) 

  • “The Red Sox are down to their last strike.”  Mr. Sterling, how nice it is to hear you say so.   Indeed,

Final:  Yankees 7 (Mussina)    Red Sox 3 (Schilling) @ The Stadium.


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