‘Tis the Season

          It is Next Year!  The damp, hopeful air of spring training 2006 has survived to christen the lungs of all of us whose internal clocks chime cuck-oo around this time each year. 

          The last time I took a breath as deep and wondering as this, the light mist left from fireworks was mingling with the earliest morning soot of south Chicago, invigorating the air with a confounding sense of the possible.  Something entirely as spectacular was happening in a small bar in New York City, where two long-separate lovers were conjoined.   

          For the first time since October 26, 2005, it feels safe let out the deep breath I took that night. 


  1. Sharon

    You’re a sweetheart to say so, Christel. It was quite a night. I felt more closely akin to the White Sox than ever, because I, too, met with the Fates that night, and got them to re-work some old strands from my past into a new pattern. Kind of a parallel experience. Facing down the old stories, restructuring my history,… and all because the parties concerned had come to the same place, the place where they had met, for the purpose of watching that very game. Like the fortunes of the 2006 White Sox, my future shines, alight in the glow of these auspices. But my future is only as good as the plays I make today, and how they get recorded. As Mark Gremse would say, “That’s baseball.”

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