Seo Fine

WORLD BASEBALL CLASSIC ROUND 2:  Mexico @ Korea in Anaheim.   Korea 3  Mexico 2   

     It is good for New Yorkers to hear broadcasters who appreciate Metspitchers.  Of course, that is unlikely to happen while they are
pitching during a Mets game, not by local broadcasters, anyway. No need
to mention names, but whatever poisonous madness is finally working its
way out of the Mets system after some painful bloodletting could not
help but infect their announcers — and fanbase, but that’s another
story — too.  That is why we have heard mainly doom and gloom about
our New York underdogs since the 2000 trip to the World Series.
     Thank goodness for the World Baseball Classic.  Did you find it
refreshing to hear Dodger teammates Eric Karros (1B, 1991-2001) and Orel Hershiser (RHP, 1983-2000) talk about RHP starter Jae Weong Seo — who is about to join his high school teammate Hee-Sop Choi (1B) on the Dodgers — and lefty reliever Dae-Sung Koo — who debuted in the MLB in April of last year and is now a non-roster invitee to Mets spring training camp — as the strong pitchers they really are, with meaningful analysis
and insight by former players — one a legendary pitcher himself — who
analyze the game with a professionalism approaching that with which
they used to play the game?
     Seo started the first game of the second round of the WBC for
Korea against Mexico.  Through 5-1/3 innings, he allowed 1 run, which
came early and failed to rattle him.  In the Mets’ organization he was
so frequently sent down to the minors that it is no wonder that he would lose get shaken up after a mistake or bad luch at Shea.  I have to wonder if the Mets have something to learn from the coaching and mindset of Team Korea.  It is not as if Team Mexico was a lightweight opponent. 
     Before I forget, I want to add Floraine Kay’s observation that Seo showed an easy stance and release of his curveball that put into mind the seemingly effortless form of David Wells at his best.


  1. Christel

    Seo was amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed watching him pitch. It did make me wonder why I did not remember him with the Mets? Your post explains that one. 😉 I was equally impressed with D. S. Koo; actually the Korean staff as a whole has been inpressive this entire Classic. It has been very interesting watching the pitchers that I am unfamiliar with on these pitching staffs.

    One question?? I see where you mention that Koo is a NR invitee to Mets camp. What is Seo’s status with the Mets? Sorry for having to ask, but I was leaving this comment anyway, so I figured I’d take the easy way out and just ask a New Yorker rather than look it up (lazy I know ).

    I enjoy reading your blog; sorry I haven’t left a comment before now.

    Later~ Christel

  2. Sharon

    Thank you, Christel!

    Seo is now in Dodger Blue heaven. Let’s hope he gets a fair shake out there.

    By the way, did you see or hear about Koo’s fabulous (yet, in retrospect, a bit fatuous) performance at Yankee Stadium last year? He pitched great, then scored from 2nd on a bunt! Unfortunately, he also hurt his shoulder, and ended up on the DL for awhile. Still, I “coo” for “Koo.”

    Here’s the link to an article about that day (there’s a video of the slide into home on that page, too):

    Take care, and enjoy!


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