Red Baiting?

  • What do Enrique Wilson and John Flaherty, have in common?  Check out City of Palms Park in Fort Myers on Feb. 28.  Hint:  Maybe they should ask Ramiro Mendoza and David Wells what to expect, the red carpet or Abu GaRed.  We can infer which reception Mendoza got — he didn’t talk, and look what happened to him.  Wells, on the other hand, I’m not sure.  Look what he did to us!  (Then again, maybe we deserved that.)
  • Is anyone worried about the effect the WBC will have on the performance of players missing spring training?


  1. Michael

    I am a fan of WBC, just not in March. Positional players should be fine, but pitchers are another story. It’s too **** early to be throwing that hard with the intensity that will inevitably be felt. The first player (star) that gets hurt will cause an uproar in that player’s city, to say nothing of what management will think. We’ll just have to wait and see…

  2. Sharon

    Good point. What month would you suggest? Pitchers already warm from Winter Leagues might be OK, but that would leave out the “stars.” I must say thatI’m with Steinbrenner on this. There should have been more collaboration with owners, managers, and representative players to work out something that everyone could have lived with.


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