Seo Long

LA’s the place for troubled New York starting pitchers.  Jae Seo joins former Yankee right-hander Jeff Weaver, who performed solidly for the Dodgers last year.  The Mets get 2 righty relievers, Duaner Sanchez and Steve Schmoll.   

Let’s hope the Mets don’t deal Steve Trachsel to get another right-handed reliever they have their eyes on, Duaner Baez of the Devil Rays.  According to Marty Noble, it is possible that a team with more money than Tampa Bay may need a starter like Trachsel, Kris Benson, or Victor Zambrano, setting up a 3-way trade, with Baez going to the Mets and prospects from the 3rd team going to the Devil Rays.  Let’s hope the Mets keep Benson, too, and Heilman while we’re at it.

Noble’s excellent article on Mets trade strategies also mentions that Jeff Keppinger may have a fighting chance at 2nd base if the Devil Rays can work Kaz Matsui (plus cash) into a deal.  Go Keppy.  I like his swing.

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