Post-season Day 1

Scoreboard Tues. Oct. 4, 2005

IN-GAME COMMENTARY:  Padres @ Cardinals, Game 1    
Peavy @ Carpenter

Some background:
Carpenter, RHP, age 30.  2005 Regular Season:  21-5   2.83. 
To quote today’s MLB Probable Pitchers, "The undisputed ace of the Cardinals staff, Carpenter has it all: an outstanding assortment of pitches, exceptional command and a ferocious mentality on the mound. His bread and butter is a combination of a biting sinker and a hard cutter, and he compliments them with a fine curveball."  He was out with arm pain for last year’s post-season.

Peavy, RHP, age 24.  2005 Regular Season:  13-7 2.88
To quote today’s MLB Probable Pitchers, "He throws a mid-90s fastball, slider, curve and changeup — and he’ll bring any of them in any count. Peavy is fearless. He already has a history of elevating for big games."  A strikeout pitcher.

Peavy-Carpenter could be exciting if it were more of a pitcher’s duel.  At the end of the 4th, it was 4-0 Cardinals, and at that point, Peavy was the victim of some poor fielding and cold bats.  At the end of the 5th, it was 8-0 Cardinals, who hit the jackpot with a Reggie Sanders grand slam.  Carpenter, on the other hand, has walked several, but he has dug  himself out, assisted by the famous St. Louis double-play.  At the end of the 6th, Carpenter is out of the game on an injury, replaced by rookie Brad Thompson.  Uh, oh.  They think it’s just hand-cramping from dehydration.  For obvious reasons, Peavy has also been replaced, by starter Brian Lawrence.  Update:  Peavy is out for the postseason because of a rib injury that he reportedly sustained while celebrating the San Diego NL West Clinch.  Hope he’ll be OK for Pitchers and Catchers in the spring. 

As a fan, I’m annoyed that Gary Cohen (normally with WFAN Mets) isn’t calling the pitches.  He’s not even reporting the count.  He’s good at contextualizing events within a player’s history, and I like how he recaps each inning as it ends, as well as the way his inflection reflects the rising and falling excitement of the game.  However, I’d really like to hear the pitches called.  In Chicago, where I’m spending this week, this ESPN Radio game is being broadcast on 1300AM, the Disney Channel.   Update:  At the top of the 8th, Gary started calling pitches.  It was much appreciated.


  1. Sharon

    You’re right — it IS cool. I couldn’t sit near the computer at the time though. Thank you for your comment! I’ll check out your page.

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