Seeing Red…

It’s 2-1 Red Sox, bottom of the 6th in Boston….




    Hey, Sharon, this is Mark Newman from (responsible for MLBlogs) and using a staff account so not reply-able. I actually wondered that myself as my desk has a window view of the Empire State Building. I just looked on the official Empire State Building Site, and it says it’s because:

    September 30 –

    October 02, 2005 Red/Red/White* Pulaski Day

    Great MLBlog, I’m having a blast this season reading all of them. – Mark

  2. Sharon

    Hi, Mark,
    Thank you for clearing that up. I’m not normally a conspiracy theorist, but when it comes to the Red Sox, I reject no suspicion outright! I was starting to wonder whether Bostonian Mayor Bloomburg had made a phone call….

    I appreciate the compliment, too. You’re doing a terrific job with the MLBlogs. I’ve been meaning to look into who’s involved, and now I know. The MLB Radio spots and Blogger Awards are inspired ideas, and I also like how you promote Bloggers by listing them with Tommy Lasorda, etc.

    Keep reading! If you have time, let me know if you have suggestions, etc.


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