Notes on a Game: Sun. 9-24-05

YANKEES 8     BLUE JAYS 4          
W-Wang  (8-4, 4.02)     L-Towers  (12-12, 3.83)     SV-Rivera  (42)
1:05pm Yankee Stadium          Gameday     MLB TV & Audio     Scoreboard   

  • WANG was spectacular.  With him, Chacon and Small, we have 3 big-game pitchers who are healthy.  All have indicated that they can handle Yankee-style pressure on the mound, and they seem impervious.  Thank goodness.  I’m still a big fan of the seniors — and, in fact, I’d like to raise the average age of the rotation by restoring our favorite emotional rollercoaster David Wells to his rightful place.  I still think we used bad, if not immoral, judgement when we forced Kevin Brown to make his first rehab start at Yankee Stadium; we may be responsible for ruining his career and his memory in the minds of many.  The way we treated Brown, Wells — twice, Mendoza ("I want to die as a Yankee") and Stanton when letting them go, etc., has created bad karma.  I’m not superstitious enough to say that’s why we haven’t won since…, am I?
  • BUBBA CROSBY interfered with Derek Jeter’s catches twice.  Is he just overeager, now that he has felt the good feeling?  (Scoring the winning home run on Sept 2 plus a couple fabulous catches)  He reminds me of the CANO, who was fielding everywhere but 2nd base earlier this season.  He’ll settle down soon.  Soon enough?  We need to keep an eye on Cano, too, — yes, without killing his spirit, of course.  That was a big running error today.
  • GARY SHEFFIELD.  The Man.  RBI sac fly and an important 3-run home run, widening the gap in a game in which confused fielding (see Crosby above) cost the Yankees a run off Mariano in the 9th.

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