Oh, what a relief it isn’t

  • First things first:  Credit goes to Marc Marc for the title of this post.
  • Games of Sun. 9-18-05:

  1. EMBREEToronto 6 Yankees 5.  Wright lets in 3 runs, gets HBB — hit by bat — and leaves for Leiter.  Thank goodness Leiter’s willing to work long relief.  He lets in only 1 run.  Sturtze
    relieves Leiter.  (To paraphrase Joe Torre, he’s back.)  Torre starts “that righty-lefty ****,” as Marc calls it.  He pulls righty Sturtze for Embree, who throws the pitch that allows Toronto to score off a Jeter error.  Convince me Embree’s not a Boston spy.  You just know Boston said, “Fine, you want
    Mendoza back, you take Embree with him.  Otherwise, no deal.”  Convince me Mendoza wasn’t a Yankee spy.  Remember, he beat the Yankees at the Stadium as a Boston starter, and couldn’t do a thing for his new team after that.  Now he can die a Yankee like he always wanted.  (I’ve got to find that quote.)  Let’s just hope his recent  starts in Columbus represent what he can still do better than that promising – turned – disastrous appearance out west. He’s got  my vote.   
  2. EISCHEN (I’ll give Majewski a break, or will I?) — San Diego 2, Nationals 1  Loaiza pitches 7 scoreless innings on 3 days’ rest.  Gets a no-decision.  Can we buy him back, please?  I won’t rub it in, I promise.  Majewski let one in in the eighth to tie it.  (I do like that Khalil Greene.)  Eischen let in the winning run on a throwing error.  From Sept. 6 through yesterday, Majewski hasn’t had more than 1 day off.  Like almost every pitcher, he won’t admit he might not be at his best without a couple days’ rest thrown in.  Eischen works a little under every other day.  Here are some revealing quotes from Bill Ladson‘s MLB.com article on the game:

“The Nationals relievers have given up 10 runs — nine earned — in their last six innings. Asked if being overworked was the reason for their ineffectiveness of late, [Manager Frank] Robinson said, ‘Those are excuses. If you do have a tired arm, there is no reason to hit people or walk people. Just put the ball over the plate.'”

“‘It’s one of those games. I didn’t get the job done. The control wasn’t there where I wanted it,’ Majewski said. 

“Majewski said that his arm is not tired. His 73 appearances puts him in the NL’s top 10, and he’s never appeared in more than 57 games in his professional career.

“‘Everything is good. I told [Nationals manager Frank Robinson] to put me out there. I want the ball. I’ll do the best that I can every time out,’ Majewski said.”

Pardon me, but, after reading what his manager said (see quote above this one), what else is he going to say?

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