Games To Watch: Sat. 9-10-05

Red Sox @ Yankees     1:25pm

Schilling (5-7, 6.83) v. Chacon (4-2, 3.08)

If the Yankees are to win this game, they need to take advantage of Red Sox errors.  Schilling needs to be worn down, so the Yankees need to take pitches.  Chacon needs to be his  unflappable self, and Torre needs not to jump the gun by pulling him prematurely when Boston hits off him, which they will.  Cano and Lawton need to avoid all those errors and near-errors that have lost the Yankees games recently.  Did you notice earlier this week that Cano was knocked down to 9th in the batting order after a particularly sloppy fielding day against Tampa Bay?  Let’s see where he bats today.  I know Lawton is an All-Star and all-around nice guy, but one of the last impressions he made in Chicago before the Cubs passed him on was, you guessed it, a key fielding error.

Mets @ St. Louis 7:15pm

Trachsel (1-1, 2.35 ) v. Suppan (13-10, 3.76)

Despite being out of favor for an undisclosed reason (see Out of the Bullpen entries 8-26 and 9-1), Trachsel has been granted his third start coming off the DL.  He has executed superb control.  This may be his most challenging start in some time, however, and I fear that one or two less-than-stellar outings may relegate him to oblivion.  Suppan is steady in some senses, but  his games can be exciting because he pitches into and out of trouble.  Perhaps the Mets batters can capitalize.  Go, Trachsel. 

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