Notes on a Game: Chacon to DH?

Aug. 9, 2005:  CWS 2     @     NYY 1

Here’s the reasoning, starting with Chacon-as-Slugger:

  • Shawn Chacon pitched the cuffs off those way-too-long pants of his. He allowed 1 HR, and it barely qualified. He fielded. He kept runners honest at first. For 7 innings, he did everything necessary to earn the W. Except HIT. Well, let’s put him to work! 
  • Chacon’s career batting average is .155 — remember, he’s from the National League, so he’s had some actual at-bat time.  In 2002, his average got up to .257, and as recently as this year, his on-base percentage is .227.  Knock off a couple points for the Coors Field Effect, and he’s still got respectable numbers. 

More reasoning:  We couldn’t hit off WHOM?

  • Contreras.  Yep.  The one and same.  You know, the second Cuban.  No leg kick.  Key to his game:  His uniform number (52) really IS his age.  Just kidding (translate:  not officially confirmed), and it wouldn’t have mattered on the YAARPEES anyway, but he really couldn’t handle New York, though he did improve after George sent the Yankee Yacht down to rescue his family.  Just to be safe, we tried to give him away, added a LOT of cash, and walked away from the White Sox trading table with 21-game winner and All Star Esteban Loaiza.  Don’t let me get going on how we managed to use him as trade bait as he was turning into a real Big-Game Bronx Bomber.
  • Contreras came into this game 6-6.  Enough said.  A pitcher — meaning Chacon in this case — might be able to muster enough shame to avoid being shut down by a .500 colleague.

More reasoningWe have no Designated Hitter!

  • Ruben Sierra’s hamstring is in question.
  • We gave up David Delucci (ouch).
  • We gave up Karim Garcia.
  • Ummm. 

OK, RULEBOOK WONKS!  We’re putting out the call.  Is this just fantasy?

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