Yankees @ Cardinals         
Sunday 6-12-05
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Relieved of conviction, of hope, of belief.  Belief?  We don’t need belief.  These are the Yankees!

They CONSTITUTE belief!
But they have no RELIEF.

Sturtze.  "The big right-hander."  Steady.  Sharp.  Refreshing.  Successful.  Eats up innings.  Usually.  Today, he served up runs.

Stanton.  "The big lefty veteran."  Great under pressure.  Gets righties out too.  Goes multiple innings.  Usually.  Today, he some wonder if he’s still got it.

Yankees 3  Cardinals 5          L Sturtze  W King  SV Isringhausen (18)

Relievers need to pitch-in consistently.  Not to pitch inconsistently.  Joe likes going to Gor-Mo’.  He needs to set a rhythm for the others in the bullpen too.  You can’t go-to-Mo’ every day, especially when there are consecutive games to save (which there SHOULD be again someday).  I’ve never quite figured out why we don’t have a 2nd closer, or why we haven’t made a closing specialist out of our longer relievers.  Call to the bullpen.  Line’s busy.  Did Mel knock the phone off the hook, again?

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